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Bill Opal

CEO and Head of Recruitment

Bill started Sails-Up in 2010 after 15 years of experience in Corporate Recruitment leadership positions. He has led recruitment teams at Nortel, Aimco and Sony Mobile.  Bill has experience building recruitment teams for a variety of successful projects. 

Denise Rhoades

Vice President of Sourcing and Strategy

Denise joined the Sails-Up team at the start.  Through her leadership she has been instrumental at developing the sourcing methodology and processes we follow today.  As the Vice President of Sourcing and Strategy, Denise is responsible for the continued development of our sourcing processes and tools.  She helps define the teams training requirements and identifies the future trends of passive candidate generation. 

scalable on demand support

for talent acquisition

Sails-Up provides scalable, on-demand support for Talent Acquisition teams. We supplement your Talent Acquisition department by providing additional people to deliver customized recruitment support during increased hiring to alleviate recruiting pressures.  We work under the direction of  your Talent Acquisition team in a collaborative environment.  Our team of recruiting professionals can be rapidly deployed to respond to your immediate needs.

Sails-Up has a record of success providing supplemental recruitment staff to companies such as Lenovo, Dimension Data, First Citizens Bank, Sony Mobile and Sage Software.

Sails-up was established in 2010.   Our team of recruiting professionals primary goal is to make your organization successful.  We have experienced teams of recruiters and sourcers that can be deployed to work on your projects.  We are headquartered in Wake Forest, NC.