Scalable Recruitment

Sails-Up can help your Talent Acquisition team by providing customized levels of Managed Recruitment Services to fit your companies needs.  By off loading tactical work, your team can focus on the high value strategic operations of a high performing Talent Acquisition team.

Inbound Candidate Management
We can manage the inbound applicants and review all inbound candidates within one business day.   Sails-Up will follow your established process for active candidate management.  

Initial Candidate Screening and Assessment
Sails-Up can screen candidates identified by your team.  We will contact the candidate within the first business day of the screening request.  We will continue to contact the candidate three times over the next three business days until a screen can be schedule at the earliest possible time for the candidate.  All screened candidates will be interviewed for skills fit, experience fit and compensation/relocation requirements.  The results of the screen will be documented and delivered to the your team via the applicant tracking system and email.  

​Full Lifecycle Recruitment Support
Sails-Up can provide manager facing full lifecycle recruitment support through our staff.  We will have a single point of contact for the managers.  The Sails-Up recruiter will follow your defined recruitment process and act as an extension to your team.