Sails-Up can help your company with the candidate evaluations for the green card labor certification process.  We have worked with companies such as Sony Mobile, Lenovo and Motorola along with some of the top immigration firms in the country.  

Our team will evaluate each candidate to determine the match of the candidate‚Äôs skill against the skill requirements outlined in the labor certification.  

This includes:
   Initial resume review
   Skills assessments emailed to the candidates
   Phone interview conducted with the candidates

Detailed evaluation will be documented using the forms provided by the immigration team.

Sails-Up will work closely with you and your immigration attorney to keep them informed of progress, issues and status of the assignment.  A complete package of required material will be returned to the immigration team at the end of the evaluation process.

Overall, PERM labor certification is an extremely complicated and time-sensitive procedure.  Our service provides a cost-effective way to outsource the recruitment activity associated with this task. 

For more information contact Bill Opal.  919-426-2931 or

Perm Labor Certification Candidate Management Services