Scalable support

amazing Value

We provide Talent Acquisition teams with a way to scale their group without eating headcount, time, and cash resources

Cost Savings

Sails-Up dedicates members of our team to support your company.  Our services are billed per hour much like contract labor however we also have processes and tools built into the service.  At an average cost of $47 per hour for our sourcing services, you will save thousands versus using Contingency or Retained Search Firms

Headcount Savings

Our Sourcing and Active Candidate Screening support is a service versus headcount.  We provide you with people, process and tools in one package.  We don’t eat into your corporate full time or contractor headcount totals.

Tools Savings

Our team has access to todays latest recruitment tools.  In addition, each member of our team has been trained to get the most out of the tools.  Our processes and sourcing methodology allows us to find more candidates then just the tool alone.  You don’t have to invest your valuable time and resources for purchasing training or tools.

Time Savings

We save you time.  Adding capacity to your recruitment team can be a time consuming process.  We can easily be deployed and up and running in a matter of days.  Sails-Up is invested in the recruiting community.  We support recruiter Meet Up groups, on-line forums and network constantly in the community.  This allows us to provide you the best talent available for your recruitment needs.